Transfer Contacts from Old Android Phone to OnePlus 5

To most smartphone users, it is common that data on their device is personal and important. However, at the age of information, it is neccessary to learn how to keep and store the important data properly. Take an example of my friend. He needed to transfer Contacts from Old Android Phone to OnePlus 5 because of his work, but the process of transfer made him headache.

Fortunately, there is a software that can help him solve the problem easily and quickly. The software is Mobile Transfer. It is designed thoughtfully, capable of phones data transfer and practicable with its one-click transfer function. Besides, Mobile Transfer works perfectly with phone to phone and Android to iOS system. It is worth applying Mobile Transfer to transfer the data for you. You will get what you want in a simple way.


Steps to transfer data contacts from Old Android Phone to OnePlus 5.

Step 1. Make Your Devices Connected

First, connect your Old Android Phone and OnePlus 5 to the computer. Then, launch Mobile Transfer and choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" among the primary page of the software. 

Once your devices are connected, Mobile Transfer recognizes and detects both of them. You can see the images of your Old Android Phone in Source and OnePlus 5 in Destination position.

If the position isn't correct, the function of "Flip" can correct it.

Step 2. Select File and Transfer Data

Here, you need to select Contacts, and click "Start Transfer" button to copy contacts data on Old Android Phone. After copying, the data contacts is transferred to OnePlus 5 without any more loss of data.

During the process, please don’t disconnect the devices, or the transfer will fail.

If you want to clear up the data on destiantion device before copying, you can use the "Clear Data before Copy" .

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