How to Transfer Calendar from Samsung to Galaxy S8?

Grof once said, "the most luxurious thing in life is to do what you love". I think I've been doing this for a while since I was a member of the entertainment committee at work this semester. As a Civic Committee,everyday the most important thing I have to do is pay attention to today classmates who have a birthday, if someone has a birthday,then I will send information on the notice to other students in the class, so that we can go to send blessings. Because I don't want to miss any one's birthday in my class, so I record the birthday of every one in my cell phone calendar. Because I like see people with happiness when they receive the blessing, so I always feel that I have been doing the luxury of things. Recently, however, my brother bought me the Samsung Galaxy S8 , because he felt that my original Samsung phone is too old. Although I am very happy,I think it is so bad when thinking I have to put the birthday of my classmates into the new mobile phone calendar.

Actually,you don’t need to worry,you should believe that now the technology is very developed,and nothing is impossible.Only when you download a software called Mobile Transfer,all your problems are solved.Mobile Transfer is an impeccable data transfer software that allows you transfer data like text messages,photos,videos and many other data from phone to phone which are even running different operating system, including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, etc.. Since the Mobile Transfer was introduced, it has been widely used by smart phone users, especially Samsung and iPhone users. And I can sure that Mobile Transfer is your worth choice. Next, I will introduce how to transfer Calendar from Samsung to Galaxy S8.


Steps to transfer Calendar from Samsung to Galaxy S8

Step 1. Choose transfer mode

Download,install and run Mobile Transfer on your computer. Next, choose the mode called "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2.Connect your two phones to your computer

Next, connecting your two phones to your computer with two USB lines.

Noted:Be sure that the old phone is displayed on the left,while the new phone is on the right.

Step 3.Transfer Calendar from Samsung to Galaxy S8

When connection is successful, the program will scan files which you can transfer.You just to choose”Contacts”and click on "Start Transfer".

Note:Please wait patiently during the transfer program and not let your phones be interrupted before it was transfer completely.

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