Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 5/5S/4S/5C to iPhone 7 (Plus)

1: Article- Something about iPhone 7
2: Approach- Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 5/5S/4S/5C to iPhone 7 (Plus)

Article- Something about iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Home button may be the Force Touch

According to analysts judge that Apple may be planning to join the Force Touch feature on the iPhone 7 Home button.

According to information from the supply chain, it is expected Apple will provide tactile feedback pressure on the iPhone 7 Home button. Which with Force Macbook Touch trackpad is somewhat similar, neither the screen display area.

Analysts also said, iPhone 7 will still retain the physical properties of the key Home key, not like the way that because of the rumors Force Touch the addition of the use of touch

However, if a touch way waterproof iPhone 7 more beneficial combination will probably be canceled 3.5 mm headphone jack, seems to have more confirmed the authenticity of the rumors.

Also according to the Wall Street Journal had the news, iPhone 7 in appearance and not particularly obvious change, which may make the new iPhone lose a lot of selling points. So if you are using a pressure-sensitive feedback button instead of the traditional physical buttons, Apple is also a good idea.

Or we put brain to open the hole larger, it may be completely removed in a future iPhone 8 body Home key, and Touch ID will be integrated in a borderless screen.

Approach- Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 5/5S/4S/5C/6/6S to iPhone 7

For iPhone fans, the upcoming release of iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus is undoubtedly become the most exciting news. According to various reports, the iPhone7’s home key will be changed to touch control operation, no longer support the press. IPhone7Plus will not only use a dual camera design, but also has a SmartConnector interface and support for wireless charging function. The configuration of iPhone7 and 7Plus is not just the above. We all know that Apple Corp will provide us with a more advanced mobile phone configuration and experience every year. Many iPhone fans say they are ready to buy an iPhone7 or 7Plus.

Now that you have bought a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you may have the need to transfer files contacts from your iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C to the new iPhone 7 (plus). So, how to achieve this goal in two iPhone?

iPhone 7 Transfer can help you to transfer your contacts, text messages, videos, photos, notes, call logs from old iPhone to new iPhone 7. And it can also transfer data between different systems in two mobile phones, such as Android to iOS. You can use the software to regularly transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, etc.. Of course, the software is also 100% safe. There is no special case, it is generally compatible with your mobile phone. Because it can be applied to more than 3000 mobile devices.

So, I will introduce how to use the software to transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone 7 (Plus)


Step 1. Please download Mobile Trans to your PC in advance. Then install and run it. Then you can find the main interface has four functional modules, please click on the first "Phone To Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Next, you need to connect your two phones to your computer. Please prepare two USB lines. In addition, when the connection is complete you need to observe whether the old phone is displayed on the left, if not, click "Flip".

Step 3. When you succeed and connect your phone to the right, you can transfer your old phone to the new phone. In the middle of the main interface there are some files directory, find and check the contact, and then click "Start Transfer". Finally, after the transfer is complete, click "OK".

Reminder: in the process of copying, you need to ensure that the two phones have been properly connected to the computer.

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